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Detonative cleaning

REYM’s patented detonative cleaning system Detoclean® removes blockages in silos and attached contamination in incinerators, for example, by means of pressure and sound waves. While these are in operation, so without production outages, loss of time and costs for firing and firing up. Detonative cleaning thus guarantees a higher availability of your installation, and with it a direct cost saving.

The technique

Detoclean is primarily suitable for various complex installations in which products are incinerated and steam is extracted (with process temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Celsius) and removes the efficiency-reducing pollution in the heat transfer chambers. The method developed in Switzerland has been examined by TNO for effectiveness in the Netherlands; it led to calculation methods that can be used to accurately and safely align the technology with the different types of installations and environments. Thanks to Detoclean, the chance of damage is demonstrably smaller than with other available techniques. The technology is now being used worldwide.

The benefits at a glance

"On-line" cleaning

Widely applicable in incineration plants

Short, safe processes

Professional, professional teams

Great savings compared to traditional methods

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