Industrial cleaning

Industrial cleaning is the cleaning of systems, installations, blocked pipelines, tanks and buildings such as factories. Reym is specialised in industrial cleaning and makes use of the most modern materials and cleaning techniques.

High pressure cleaning

Cleaning with high-pressured water is a very frequently used cleaning technique. As a result of many years of experience, specialist equipment and professional employees, high pressure cleaning can justly be called one of Reym's specialities.

Vacuum cleaning

Vacuum cleaning also plays an important role in industrial cleaning. Our specially developed vehicles with high suction capacity are designed to suck up all your solid and liquid substances quickly and easily.

Chemical technical cleaning

Reym uses chemical and technical cleaning processes wherever chemicals are needed to guarantee complete interior cleaning of coolers, vessels, columns and pipelines.


Reym is also happy to carry out your onshore and offshore decontamination operations. We are available for inspection and LSA-decontamination work and the dismantling of installations on location.

Offshore activities

Reym can carry out its activities for you both onshore and offshore. Our professional staff and specialised equipment mean we are able to offer you a complete service.

Shut down management

Reym is pleased to offer its services in carrying out all your cleaning activities during shut downs, both in the Netherlands and abroad. We provide speedy and efficient cleaning in the shortest possible time.

Drain cleaning

Drain cleaning is carried out with just as much care and expertise as our other activities. We carry out inspections, draw up reports and clean, both in the event of calamities and during periodical maintenance work. All work is of course carried out in close consultation with the customer.