Industrial services

Depending on your specific situation and wishes, we can perform a wide range of cleaning, inspection and repair work on site or at our own branches. Such as:

Chemical cleaning

Reym B.V. not only provides Industrial Cleaning services using high-pressure and vacuum trucks, but chemical cleaning services as well. Chemical cleaning has proved to be an efficient method of optimising the processing condition of equipment. Whether it concerns scaling, corrosion deposits or contamination, the use of chemical agents produces successful cleaning results. In recent years, Reym has acquired broad experience with chemical cleaning in cleaning projects involving onshore as well as offshore installations.

Industrial Latex

Industrial latex (Reym Clean Guard 104) is a polymer which can be applied in liquid form with an airless sprayer (most efficient), brush or roller or by immersion. Reym Clean Guard 104 is a weatherproof plastic layer, easy to peel off, which provides temporary protection to metal, plastic, concrete and other substrates. From components during transport and storage to system components, everything is kept protected. Reym is the first industrial cleaner to use this latex now in industrial environments such as oil and gas, the petrochemical and chemical industry, food and energy.


Reym can now offer a revolutionary cleaning method: the Crawler. No scaffolding, manual work
or toxic emissions. Instead, a better result than the traditional cleaning method.

Ultrasonic cleaner

From the experience gained by Reym in the ultrasonic cleaning of heat exchangers and components, it is apparent that a combination of this relatively new technology with traditional high-pressure cleaning methods gives the best results. It enables you to clean more thoroughly and saves water.

Cleaning in the food industry

Reym is being engaged at a rapidly increasing rate by clients in the food industry to carry out cleaning operations. In order to define our knowledge and experience, and to support our clients in this process, we have obtained ISO 22000 certification (food safety), making us your partner for cleaning operations in the food industry.

High pressure cleaning

Cleaning with water under high pressure is one of our specialities. Our SIR-certified professionals use advanced equipment with water pressure varying from 100 to 2500 bar.

Steel and concrete cutting

With our special equipment, the high pressure cleaning principle is also ideal for cutting steel and concrete with the greatest possible accuracy. Because there is no heat strain, there is no explosion risk. The material does not deform and there is no dust formation. Moreover, this method consumes little abrasive and water, and the cutting waste is minimised.

Vacuum cleaning

To remove solid and liquid substances from tanks, drums and pipes, we use special VLG and ADR certified vehicles with a suction capacity of up to 10,000 m³ per hour. We also have combi vehicles for vacuum and high pressure water cleaning.

LSA removal

Reym can take care of the removal of radioactive materials from natural sources with low specific activity (LSA). We draw up an extensive safety and performance protocol in advance. The cleaning work itself is done with special equipment and under the constant supervision of a radiologist.

Offshore cleaning

For many years we have provided cleaning services on production islands and drilling platforms in the oil and natural gas industry. We are familiar with the specific requirements relating to efficiency and safety. Our expertise also enables us to provide additional services such as mechanical engineering work, storage, removal of hazardous waste and advice on processing.

Shutdown management

If production processes have to be shut down for inspection and maintenance, it is important that they can resume as quickly as possible. We are accustomed to performing all the cleaning work in the shortest possible time, with no concessions to quality or safety. We make an inventory beforehand of the planned work and put together a scenario and project team. If necessary, we set up a spraying location on site where we can clean more than one object at the same time, thus saving valuable time.

Drain cleaning

In order to ensure that waste water systems work optimally, we perform thorough and efficient drain cleaning during maintenance and in the event of emergencies. After completion, we carry out a camera inspection and deliver a detailed report to you. We also have measuring equipment to carry out baseline measurements. Or course, we collect and remove any waste that is released during the cleaning, safely and cleanly.

Scaffolding cleaning

At refineries in particular, scaffolding can become heavily contaminated after a period of time. Thorough cleaning often needs to be performed manually and is thus a time-consuming and dangerous job. We wanted to change this situation, so we developed two fully automatic cleaning machines at our own initiative. They can clean scaffolding tube up to three times faster while scaffold boards are clean almost five times as fast.

Delivery and recycling of drilling fluids

At our Central Mud Plant in Emmen, we produce drilling fluids and production fluids for crude oil and gas extraction. On request, we can recycle and store residual fluids so that they are available on demand for a subsequent drilling. Our own laboratory monitors the quality and, if necessary, makes recommendations about the production of new fluids.

Cleaning of personal protection equipment

Hazmat suits, breathing air masks and belts and other personal protection equipment are cleaned centrally at our Veendam branch. Here we have a separate unit with certified employees. Mercury-contaminated materials are separated immediately for specific treatment, with the rinsing water stored and removed in special tanks. Cleaned materials are tested critically after drying, and if necessary, repaired. We then pack them, accompanied with a test protocol, and make them available again for reuse.

Food industry cleaning

More and more companies in the food industry rely on our cleaning expertise. We possess all the special equipment and knowledge that this sector requires. Moreover, we have ISO 22000 certification, so we are familiar with the specific requirements relating to food safety. Before we get started, in consultation we draw up a work plan, carefully setting out the work preparation, the Critical Control Points (CCPs) and the corresponding control measures.