The ambition to continually improve

Although Reym is known as the leading service provider, we realise that this is not a guarantee for the future. Our ambition to continue leading the way means that we are used to pushing the boundaries. To do this, we use the results of client satisfaction surveys, among other things. We also maintain our efforts to further improve Quality, Safety and the Environment (QSE).

Motivated QSE organisation

We want to integrate QSE fully in all aspects of our business operations. For this reason, we set up our own QSE organisation based on that concept. This is a national team of experts who support our regional QSE coordinators and their staff. The QSE coordinators advise and facilitate the operational processes with a single aim in mind: achieve optimal quality, safety and environment performance.

Decisive QSE policy

To ensure that QSE receives the attention it deserves within the whole Reym organisation, we do everything possible to:
* Optimally link our management system to the control of the operational processes.
* Create a climate together with all our employees in which we can work safely, healthily and sustainably.
* Improve our environmental performance in the primary business processes through even better cooperation between operational employees, managers and staff services.