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The Reym Group is an innovative service provider in industrial cleaning, transport and waste management. Our services specifically target the environmental management that law and society require of you.

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We assume our social responsibility by actively contributing to a cleaner and safer working and living environment, complying with legal requirements and official certifications as a minimum requirement.

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We are part of Renewi plc, an organisation comprising various companies specialised in environmental management and waste processing. We work together and complement each other whenever possible so that we can successfully and satisfactorily complete even the most complex of projects.

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November 8, 2018

For our customers we take great care in the industrial cleaning, transport and sustainable processing of waste. Reym B.V. does this together with its sister companies under the flag of the parent company Renewi. We wish to inform you in this way about an important development, of which you may already have heard through the media. Thursday, November 8, the CEO of Renewi, Peter Dilnot, has announced that Reym will be sold.

November 2, 2018

The heat exchanger bundles in the purification columns at AnQore had become so contaminated that their capacity had fallen considerably. Due to the contamination that had built up, flushing the columns was becoming more and more ineffective, even when using a spraying robot. The decision was taken to move over to ultrasonic cleaning. The results exceeded our expectations.

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