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Specialist in industrial cleaning

The Reym Group is an innovative service provider in the area of industrial cleaning, transport and waste materials management. With our services we give effect to the environmental care that the law and society require from you.

Reym is specialized in industrial cleaning in the oil, gas and (petro)chemical industry, using the most modern equipment and cleaning techniques. In all markets, onshore, offshore and underground (for example sewer cleaning), Reym has the necessary experience to provide adequate cleaning, transport and waste management.

Oil and gas

Reym can perform its work for you onshore as well as offshore. We have been the only specialist in offshore cleaning for the oil and natural gas industry for 25 years. Thanks to over 65 years of experience we can handle the most diverse (offshore ) cleaning assignments. Maximum cleaning, minimum shutdown.

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Whether it concerns the cleaning of process installations, heat exchangers, (steam) boilers, machines, pipes, systems, cooling towers or tanks, we will relieve you during the entire cleaning process.

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At Reym we have over 65 years’ worth of specialist knowledge about industrial cleaning in the food industry. Because of our broad experience with cleaning in the food industry and our ISO22000-certification, we are often approached by food producers for responsible and careful cleaning of machines and materials according to the latest standards.

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Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy (geothermal heat) is increasingly being used for heating houses, greenhouses and industry. Reym offers various support services during the drilling activities but also afterwards, when the geothermal well is in operation.

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