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REYM beschikt over een unieke ultrasoon unit

Ultrasonic cleaning

For the cleaning of heat exchangers, for example, REYM uses an ultrasonic unit that is unique in its kind. Experience from REYM with the ultrasonic cleaning of heat exchangers and parts has shown that a combination of this relatively new technique with traditional high-pressure cleaning produces the best results. You clean it more thoroughly and save on water.

Vacuum balls

The ultrasonic cleaning technique has been used for years by jewelers and opticians. The process consists in principle of ultrasonic sound waves that are sent through a container with cleaning fluid. These sound waves generate vacuum spheres that implode. This reaction then ensures that pollution is released.

More intensive cleaning in a shorter time

In the covered cleaning street of REYM Rotterdam, heat exchangers are placed in the ultrasonic unit using overhead cranes. They are lifted in and out of the liquid by means of an integrated lift system. Parts can be cleaned by placing them in baskets. This can possibly be done simultaneously with the cleaning of a heat exchanger, depending on the size thereof. The inside size of the ultrasonic unit in Rotterdam is 9 x 1.9 meters. A large, heavily contaminated bundle of a heat exchanger with a weight of 20 tons fits in with ease!

The new unit has been specifically developed to generate a better cleaning result even faster than you were used to, without causing damage to the object.

Water saving

Ultrasonic cleaning yields a much cleaner, smoother and therefore more permanent result than can be achieved with high pressure cleaning. This allows the service life in the factory to be extended

Nevertheless, high pressure cleaning remains necessary in many cases for flushing clogged pipes and for flushing the pipes. It is precisely the combination of both techniques that makes cleaning much more effective in a shorter time and with a considerably lower water consumption.


In summary, industrial ultrasonic cleaning is a combination of

Transfer of high-frequency sound waves

Choosing the right mix of chemicals

Choosing the right mix of chemicals

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