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REYM locations

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REYM is gespecialiseerd in hoge druk reinigen

High pressure cleaning

In the past few years, REYM has specialised in high pressure cleaning. Using expert and experienced personnel, modern technology and advanced equipment, REYM cleans industrial installations. A number of application areas in which REYM has specialised can be distinguished for working with high pressure, the pressure varying between 100 and 2500 bar. One of the most important application areas in the area of high pressure is cleaning installations, including pipes, storage tanks, distillation towers and pipe bundles, for various industries. Reactors and vessels can also be cleaned, as can surface areas of parts of properties on which installations are situated. The advantage of working with a mobile high pressure cleaning system is the capacity to work efficiently, safely and quickly.

(Fully) automatic cleaning

For cleaning pipes and bundles, REYM uses a crawler hose machine developed in-house; the Evolvere. With this REYM embraces the advice of the Industrial Cleaning Foundation (SIR) to use (fully) automatic cleaning equipment as much as possible. The machine is operated remotely and the employee is at a safe distance.

Concrete blasting

Cleaning vertical and horizontal surfaces, also known as concrete blasting, is one of REYM’s specialities. Concrete blasting is used chiefly in the removal of concrete residue and coatings, as well as for cleaning dirty floors and walls. This process involves a mobile high-pressure unit connected to a unit on wheels equipped with an arm coupled to a compressed air motor. This enables us to quickly and efficiently clean various surfaces for you. The pump capacity and the number of nozzles in use are the determining factor for the efficiency of the system.

Cutting with water

Cutting with water is primarily used in situations where a cutting torch or similar equipment cannot be used because of a fire hazard or explosion hazard environment. Using a minimum air pressure of 6 bar and a water pressure from 400 to a maximum of 1500 bar, which uses 30 to 90 litres of water per minute, REYM can cut openings in vessels and cut pipes and ducts with this system. The use of this water jet method, also called hydrojet cutting, is very safe in situations with a risk of fire or explosion. Because of the experience REYM has built up using this method, big industries in the Netherlands and abroad frequently come to REYM for advice.


Wide range: 100-2500 bar

Possibility of steel cutting (addition of abbresief)

(full) Automatic cleaning

Over 65 years of experience (employees and equipment)

Fully compliant with SIR

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