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REYM locations

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REYM believes in offering the highest levels of quality and safety

Quality, safety and environment

Even though REYM is known as a leading service provider, we realize that this is no guarantee for the future. Because of our ambition to stay ahead, we are used to always pushing our boundaries. In order to do this, we look at the results of the customer satisfaction survey. And we are always working to improve Quality, Safety and the Environment. Training and education of our employees is of course of great importance in this. Our professionals therefore stand for four core values: Professional, Caring, Alert and Open & Respectful. In this way we guarantee our professional approach to risky activities.



REYM believes in offering the highest levels of quality and safety. This can be seen from the many accreditations that our company has received and from the licenses and certificates that have been awarded to our specialized employees. Our strict QSE standards also apply to our subcontractors. REYM only works with partner companies that are certified and approved in accordance with our strict internal guidelines.

Guaranteed quality

We often subject the quality of our service to relentless external audits by independent (inter)national inspection bodies. This way we force ourselves even more emphatically to continuously perform at the highest level and not leave anything to chance. Because the outcome of these audits is often decisive for getting official certification like the ISO-certification. And indirectly decides the work we are or are not allowed to perform.

A number of our certificates

  • VCA Petrochemistry
  • ISO 45001
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001


Cleaning complex installations and working with hazardous (waste) substances entails great responsibility. Not only with regard to our own employees, but also towards clients and the environment. As an organization that takes its social responsibility seriously, we at REYM continuously invest in safer working methods, safer equipment and greater safety awareness. Through practice-oriented training, we learn to identify (safety) risks early and to eliminate or reduce them. We do everything we can to limit the number of industrial accidents to zero.

Learning from incidents

If an incident does occur, we encourage you to report it. All reports are registered and analyzed, after which action is taken to prevent repetition and create more safety. In practice we see that there are always multiple factors involved in an incident. Our employees are fully aware that they are the last link to preventing an accident, so they must do a safety check before the start of the work.

Always check first: EVERYTHING OK?

Both the QSE coordinators and the supervisors encourage all employees to always carry out the EVERYTHING OK method for safety. First, five questions must be answered before anyone goes to work or resumes their work:

  1. Do I know what work I will do and how?
  2. Have the risks of this work been discussed with me?
  3. Do I have the right (inspected) tools?
  4. Do I have the right Personal Protective Equipment and am I using it?
  5. Is my workplace tidy and can I work safely in this environment?

The work may only be carried out when all the questions have been answered with “yes”. In all other cases, there should first be a discussion about how safety can be guaranteed.


With a view to the generations that will come after us, we are committed to sustainable waste processing with an active environmental policy with clearly measurable goals. To realize this, the environmental awareness of our employees is continuously trained. In addition, for each project we look at how we can minimize or prevent environmental impact. In ensuring a better environment, we regularly go even further than sustainability and legislation require.

Completely responsible

If you do business with us, you can trust that you will get professional and completely responsible service, with all the necessary permits. Every REYM location at least meets all the possible requirements and conditions determined in the Environmental Management Act. The emphasis is on the structural reduction of the energy consumption and using sustainable energy and materials as efficiently as possible.

Always alert

We watch all changes to (environmental) laws and regulations closely, so that we are always alert and able to take goal-oriented action. Because naturally we want to be leaders in sustainability and care for a cleaner environment. Our principle is strict compliance with environmental laws and regulations, and not committing any violation. Through periodic internal and external audits, we stay on our guard for potential risks and we will keep looking for potential points of improvement. We also talk to clients, because we believe that it is in everyone’s interest to help each other stay alert.

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