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REYM locations

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REYM offers customized cleaning

Customized solutions

Our modern cleaning techniques make it possible to offer the most sustainable solution for every cleaning issue. In consultation with the client, we determine the most optimal cleaning method in which of course costs and safety also play important roles. Our operators work outside the line-of-fire as much as possible and dangerous manual work is automated wherever possible. Against this background, we have developed cleaning methods without having to enter tanks and / or barrels: the non-man entry system. This way we seriously limit our employees' exposure to potential risks.

Industrial cleaning

Production processes that have been halted for inspection and maintenance, have to be resumed as quickly as possible. REYM is accustomed to doing all the work in the shortest possible time, without concessions to quality or safety. We make an inventory beforehand of what has to be done and we establish a script and a project team for cleaning. If necessary, we create a washing area at the location, where we can clean multiple parts at the same time. This will save a lot of valuable time.



Thanks to our cleaning work, we also have years of experience with safe and environmentally friendly transportation of hazardous (waste) substances. For the transportation of hazardous substances, we have an ADR and VLG-certified vehicle fleet, consisting of especially equipped vehicles that comply with the highest environment standards and EG guidelines. This way we can offer you a fitting short-term transport solution for every type of waste.


Waste management

The residual and waste substances released during cleaning or production activities must of course be disposed of and processed in a responsible manner. At REYM we have all the expertise and resources to take care of your entire waste management. Where necessary, we can always call on specialized companies for waste processing, like for example ATM, which is fully equipped for the processing of hazardous waste.


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